Cobra Kai - A saga de Karate Kid continua


 Cobra Kai é a continuação da famosa saga de O Momento da Verdade. Estreou no dia 3 de maio, em formato série. Como fã incondicional desta história, senti-me na obrigação de deixar a minha crítica a esta fabulosa produção televisiva.
 Aqui fica tal como escrevi no IMDB.

 Cobra Kai, the new outstanding series and sequel to The Karate Kid franchise dignifies the original movie concept and manages to please both fans and the youngest public who are exposed for the first time to this universe.
  It is very well written and interpreted. The actors have solid performances and are completely in the character. It's interesting to see the story from Johnny Lawrence's point of view. William Zabka shines as the anti-hero, one of the goals of this new approach. Ralph Macchio is also great and very true to his character - Daniel LaRusso. The series also pays homage to Pat Morita in a well deserved way.

 It's important to say that this is a sucessful sequel and also a reboot in some ways. It's not a copy but it pays homage to the 80's trilogy with flashbacks scenes and easter eggs wich include important characters such as Ali, Sensei Kreese and Mr. Miyagi.

 The social values and teachings of Martial Arts cross each other once again in this story of friendship and inner struggle. Thankfully the creators chose not to give too much politically correctness. The characters have many layers that give value and interest to their inner growth and journey.

 I really liked the way they dealt with current issues such as bullying, social exclusion, lack of balance and the search for belonging. The Millenials are very well portrayed in the nowadays 21st century digital world.
 I've seen the episodes in a row, like a long-running movie because it catch us right from the first minute and we want to know how it's going to end.

 I dare to say this show is one of the best series made in 2018.
 Highly recommended!

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